Who we are ?

Welcome to STORM Design Studio, where we don't merely construct brands; we intriguingly draft them into existence with meticulous expertise. Strategic and transformative, our audacious design studio, imprinted in the creative heartbeat of Mississauga, Canada, is underpinned by an insatiable quest for excellence. Conceived in 2018, STORM Design Studio transcends an ordinary innovative creative agency; we are the accelerant sparking creative metamorphosis, the master planners of your enduring brand narrative. Your collaborative journey with us embarks under the stewardship of Maamoun Soum, our premier Creative Officer, embodying two richly-spun decades of branding and graphic design expertise.




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At STORM, we command an instinctual prowess in carefully tailoring visual identities, honing a tapestry of services that include Brand Creation, Brand Experience, Naming, Art Direction, Design Solutions, and Digital Marketing. We're more than mere designers; we're craftspeople who weave timeless, provoking design narratives that pay homage to the global diversity embedded within our client portfolio. Our masterpiece? Injecting life into high-aspiring brands and formulating impactful visual narratives through enthralling design.

Our approach to brand creation exercises strategic and meticulous precision, ensuring an in-depth examination into the soul of our clients' values, missions, and target audience. Leveraging exhaustive market research and incisive competitive analysis, we excavate the unique core of each brand, ensuring the narrative we meticulously curate captivates, not merely with sensory appeal but through a resonance of heartfelt authenticity. Through this transformative process, we surpass the expectation of crafting powerful brands—we meticulously sketch your brand into living grandeur. Dive into the storm with us and witness the transformative power of collaborative creation.
Different concept, let’s create a storm
Why us ?

our process

Our branding process is a shared journey. Communication and collaborative engagement stand as the pillars of our process, thriving at every phase. From the initial discovery where we meticulously dissect every available facet of your brand, we shift towards defining a strategic design brief. We then masterfully sculpt the creative expression of your brand, and conclude with the triumphant unveiling of your brand vision. Throughout our process, we uphold a relentless dedication to quality, consistency, and results that leave a significant impact.

↳ Discover

In this phase, we gather valuable insights and define the strategic direction for your brand. We carefully consider how and where to connect with your clients and shape the visual and verbal aspects of your brand, creating the context, content, and connection.

↳ Define

Once we have gathered all the necessary information from the discovery phase, we move on to the define phase. Here, we interpret the insights we have gained and transform them into actionable strategies. We work closely with you to define where you currently stand in the market, where you want to be, and how to get there. Together, we create a strategic design brief that guides us in positioning, marketing, and aligning your brand.

↳ Design

With a clear strategic direction in place, we move on to the design phase. This is where we bring your brand to life visually and verbally. We consider how and where to best connect with your clients, and how your brand should look, speak, and act. Design is not just about the creative expression of the brand; it is about creating the context, content, and connection between your brand and your audience.

We ensure that every aspect of your brand is carefully crafted to make a lasting impact

↳ Deliver

The final phase of our process is the delivery phase. Here, we focus on executing your brand strategy with precision and excellence. We ensure that the implementation of your brand is of the highest quality and consistency. Our team leverages their expertise to deliver your brand on time and on budget. In some cases, your team may take over the implementation, and that's where we can provide ongoing support to make sure your brand continues to thrive.
• discovery → definition → design → delivery• discovery → definition → design → delivery• discovery → definition → design → delivery
What we do?

our services

STORM Design Studio expertly crafts transformative brand strategies, compelling identities, enriching experiences, and pioneering digital branding for ambitious businesses worldwide.

Brand Strategy

The Meticulously Woven Narrative

Join hands with STORM and undergo a transformative journey of discovering your brand's inherent greatness. We use a meticulous and strategic approach to unveil your brand's unique potential, skimming through your business goals, the market lacunae, and your firm's prospect for success. We breathe life into your brand, sketching out a potent strategy that wins the affection and loyalty of your customers.
  • Business & Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development & Audit
  • Brand Voice & Messaging
  • Brand & Product Positioning
  • Brand Communication
  • Research & Insight
  • Naming & Concept Development

Brand Identity

Crafting Unique Visual Languages

STORM unravels your brand identity, fabricating a compelling narrative that reverberates with every consumer interaction. We illuminate your brand through a cogent strategy, designing appealing visual assets, exemplary logo marks, and striking color palettes. Our aesthetic journey with your brand amplifies your reach, crafting an indelible impression in the minds of your audience.
  • Brand Identity Design & Guidelines
  • Logotype Design
  • Color Palette & Typography
  • Layout System
  • Patterns & Graphics

Brand Experience

Narrative that Engages and Provokes

Partner with STORM to create seamless brand experiences that stimulate, engage, and prompt action. We strategize the brand encounter, making it resonate with your target audience, provoking thought and stirring emotions. Every interaction with your audience is an opportunity, a new touchpoint devised to evoke a connection that’s profound and enduring.
  • Art Direction
  • Interior Design
  • Campaign Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Brand & Printed Collaterals
  • Stationery, Profiles, Booklets & Flyers
  • Uniform, Wayfinding & Signage
  • Vehicles & Packaging

Digital Branding

Paving the Path in the Digital Age

Craft a digital footprint with STORM. Our dedicated brand support team offers continuous assistance in design, web development, social media, and SEO. Harness your brand's evolution, and seize the opportunities the digital world presents. We escort your brand across the ever-evolving digital realm, ensuring success and growth.
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • eCommerce & UI/UX Design
  • Development & Management
  • Social Media & Content Production
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Photography, Motion & Video
Strategy • Identity • Experience • Digital • Strategy • Identity • Experience • Digital • Strategy • Identity • Experience • Digital •

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