Unifying Gastronomy and Culture:
An Arabesque Transformation

Signor Sassi Riyadh

Step into the world of Signor Sassi—a culinary legend born in London in 1984. This glorious establishment, regarded as a symbol of fine Italian dining, has made a global impact with its signature cuisine and invigorating ambiance. The inspiration of Carlo Di Stefano, a gastronomic connoisseur whose connection to the brand surpasses the ordinary limits of business, Signor Sassi is a vibrant expression of his love for food and business acumen in harmony. Its position as a proud member of the flourishing San Carlo restaurant group accentuates its gastronomic legacy. Now, the Italian maestro of taste takes its rich legacy to Saudi Arabia, painting a culturally vibrant chapter in the Middle Eastern landscape, thanks to the prudence of The Modern Food Company.

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Arabizing Elegance: The Art of Culinary Diplomacy

At the helm of this bold and transformative journey, STORM Design Studio sets forth to craft an evocative narrative that seamlessly weaves the essence of Signor Sassi into the rich tapestry of Saudi culture. Our mission, not just to establish a presence, but to resonate powerfully within this new market while upholding the authenticity that has long been synonymous with Signor Sassi's international culinary prowess.
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In executing our meticulous strategy, we elevated the brand narrative by harmonizing Italian finesse and Arabian heritage, composing a visual symphony that encapsulates Signor Sassi's spirit, gracefully enhanced with Middle Eastern inflections. Every granular detail of this process was engineered with precision, creating a uniform brand ethos that reflects both the profound history of Signor Sassi and the vibrant spirit of Saudi culinary culture. The result - a symbiotic reimagination that crystallizes our shared vision with the brand's aspirations, proving yet again, at STORM, we do not just create brands, we breathe life into them, guiding them towards an impactful legacy.
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In our partnership with Signor Sassi, we've orchestrated a narrative of transformation, instilling passion in every curve, dot, and line; successfully navigating our shared journey from conceptualization to triumphant execution. At STORM, we don't merely brand; we ascribe life and personality to an entity, transforming them into a symphony of tells and tales.



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