Elevating Cuisine and Culture: A Gastronomical Revolution


Dedicated to embarking on a flavorful odyssey that transcends boundaries, The Modern Food Co. (MFC) bursts onto the scene as an epicurean powerhouse. MFC stems from the harmonious fusion of local and international expertise driven by a shared passion for remarkable food and breathtaking hospitality. Their operations transcend mere culinary services, evolving into exalted lifestyle experiences.
An embodiment of supremacy in dining, MFC stands proud as the owner and operator of numerous prestigious and globally acclaimed fine dining and casual dining franchises. Each operation under their umbrella contributes to weaving a rich tapestry of culinary brilliance.
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Spirited Transformation of a Culinary Vision

With STORM Design Studio at the helm of branding, a dynamic fusion of bold strokes and meticulous detail was finsely crafted into The Modern Food Co.'s identity. Passion infused into each element, the powerful transformation journey began on a blank canvas and culminated in a meticulously constructed brand identity and printed collaterals.

The branding journey was not simply an execution of tasks but also a keen understanding of MFC's core values, vision, and mission. With strategic thinking and creative collaboration, a new definition of the dining industry was born.
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Modern Food Company Ltd.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Strategically perfect and creatively beautiful - this summarises the brand transformation journey with STORM Design Studio. From the minute detailing in our branding guidelines to the impactful strokes in our printed collaterals, STORM emerged, not just as a design studio but as an understanding and intuitive partner, translating our vision and mission into meaningful brand design.

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