Unleashing Anatolian Authenticity: Ruya Restaurant's Arabic Brand Transformation

RUYA . Riyadh

At the heart of Riyadh, nestled amidst architectural marvels, exists Rüya—the restaurant that is a living testament to the classic charm of Anatolia. Born out of a strategic partnership with MJS Holding, Rüya is more than a restaurant; it's an immersive adventure into the rich tapestry of Turkish culture. A welcoming pide oven stands as a beacon, symbolizing the culinary heart that relentlessly beats within the restaurant's modern walls. The interior, a harmonious blend of Byzantine-inspired features and intricate Turkish carpets, crafts a contemporary dining experience which simultaneously honors the past, and enhances the future prospects of Anatolian gastronomy under the leadership of the distinguished Oz̈kanca family.

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Strategy Meets Aesthetics: Arabizing Luxury with Cultural Sensitivity

At STORM Design Studio, we embarked on a journey to Arabize the venerable Rüya brand, a luxury restaurant renowned for its classic Turkish cuisine. Our strategic endeavors involved:

From typography to design, we ensured that the translated logos retained their intrinsic luxury and cultural relevance, all while adding a touch of Arabic sophistication. with attention to detail in each curve and counter, we deployed clear, readable Arabic text, striking a balance between visual aesthetics and professional authenticity.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Arabization of Rüya's brand was a richly immersive journey, seamlessly blending luxury with cultural resonance. STORM Design Studio elegantly placed the brand amidst the vibrant echoes of the Middle East, harmonizing Arabized luxury with the essence of Turkish authenticity, creating an unparalleled cultural tapestry.



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