Zuma Riyadh's Transcendent Brand Transformation

ZUMA Riyadh

Zuma: a beacon of refined Japanese culinary arts, born in the heart of London back in 2002, now a global phenomenon. Known for its exquisite gastronomical compositions and chic ambience, Zuma commands a loyal patronage that appreciates the sublime blend of traditional and avant-garde fare. With eatery outposts highlighting a sumptuous spectrum of kitchen, robata grill, sushi, sake, and cocktails, it's more than just dining - it's a uniquely Zuma experience. And their entrée into Riyadh's vibrant market, in partnership with MJS Holding, underscored the progressive trend of luxury positions carving out their niches in the Saudi Arabian landscape.
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Turning to Arabic, Synthesizing Sophistication with Cultural Authenticity

At STORM Design Studio, our task was more than simple Arabization; it was a meticulous reconceptualization of the brand such that it harmonized seamlessly with the luxury aesthetic of Zuma and resonated with the rich tapestry of Arabic culture. Our endeavour was marked by ensured that as the logos lived in their translated avatars, they retained their spellbinding appeal while echoing the strokes of Arabic finesse.
The textual reincarnation was achieved without losing an iota of the brand's professional sobriety, while ensuring visual coherence.
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The result of this intricate pursuit was an Arabized Zuma logo that flawlessly merged into Saudi Arabia's market as a harmonious fusion of cultures. The brand achieved more than just cultural integration; it solidified its presence, and preserved its global sophistication, delicately infused with the essence of local allure. This transformation is a testament to the diligent craftsmanship and astute strategies employed by STORM Design Studio, where each precise step evolves into a lasting, resounding impact on the brand's trajectory.



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