A vigorous business eager to expand its presence and dominate a fierce, competitive market. With ambition and innovation at the core of their vision, this client embarked on a transformative journey with STORM Design Studio to revamp their brand offerings and accurately reflect their true essence.
This recently completed project awaits its grand reveal on our website soon! This recently completed project awaits its grand reveal on our website soon! This recently completed project awaits its grand reveal on our website soon!
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Scope of work
Branding Identity
Brand Guideline Manual
Brand Collaterals
Service Vehicle Design
Uniform Design
Vitality Home Medical Services
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Sculpting Sanctuary with ServeKings

Aligning a brand with the evolving market demands a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach to adaptation. STORM Design Studio masterfully orchestrated a modern rebranding initiative, meticulously reshaping our client's logo to align with the prevailing industry trends. We achieved this while ensuring that the client's core values and unique strengths remained intact, further differentiating them in the market. The carefully-crafted logo encapsulates the essence of their business and positions them for meteoric growth.
At STORM Design Studio, we meticulously map out each transformative step to ensure our clients stand out in the market and make a lasting impact. Breathing new life into brands, we foster collaborative bonds with our clients and relentlessly carve out exceptional outcomes that set them on the path to undeniable success.


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