Crafting Cultural Connection: The Arabization of Mr Chow

Mr CHOW Riyadh

Indulge in the resplendent world of Mr Chow, a culinary emblem born in London in 1968. Its reputation, immaculately sculpted over the years, has magnetized A-list celebrities and renowned figures across industries, expanding all the way from Beverly Hills to New York City. The heart of Mr Chow lies in its menu – a living chronicle of high cuisine with an unyielding dedication to aroma, presentation, texture variety, and a spectrum of tastes. Be it the iconic Green Prawns or the meticulously crafted Mr Chow Noodles, each culinary marvel serves as a testament to the restaurant's unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Arabizing Luxury: Penning a New Chapter for Mr Chow

At STORM Design Studio, we flawlessly adapted the essence of luxury restaurant chains into the Arabic language and culture. Our project, commissioned by the illustrious MJS Holding, introduced the iconic Mr Chow brand into the heart of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh's prestigious KAFD. Every stroke, every curve, every dot in our Arabization conveyed a commitment to preserving Mr Chow's unaltered essence, whilst at the same time echoing the richness of the Arabic script and culture.

Harnessing foresight and meticulous craftsmanship, STORM Design Studio transformed the sketch of international branding for a Middle Eastern audience. We exalted visual engagement by seamlessly integrating Arabic letters into the logo's original aesthetics. In this bold symphony of legibility and coherence, our innovative rebranding strategy synthesized cultural authenticity with global appeal. At STORM, we don't merely translate, we orchestrate strategic narratives written in culture and form.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In totality, the Arabization didn't just facilitate a cultural integration or strengthen Mr Chow's brand presence, it redefined it for a Middle Eastern audience, whilst maintaining the luxury associated with the International Franchise. Our commitment laid the groundwork for a co-branding journey – a testament to the shared progress of STORM Design Studio and Mr Chow.



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